Ooofball, the Original Medicine Ball with BOUNCE! is a superb quality medicine ball made of hi-tech, latex-free solid polyurethane, making it extremely durable. Unlike other weight balls on the market, Ooofball does not have a bladder or hollow center; there is no weighted core, which means no shifting or leaking of gel, sawdust or sand. The textured grip allows for ease of handling. Because it bounces, it’s great for rotational and explosive movements needed for most sports and also as a rehab and injury prevention tool. Besides being durable, functional and unique in construction, Ooofball also floats, making it the most versatile weight ball available.

Working with Ooofball offers many benefits for health and fitness. It helps to develop total body power, coordination, muscular endurance and flexibility. Ooofball is designed to be thrown and bounced. Unlike dumbbells and barbells that will most likely get damaged if you drop them, Ooofball is resilient and allows you to achieve a complete workout while training your body to be powerful and explosive. More importantly, you’ll have fun doing it.