In the late 1980's, three athletes, Phil Damiani, Walter (Kenny) Lee and Joe Gallagher rediscovered the "old medicine ball". Having read about President Herbert Hoover's use of the medicine ball and a game played over a net ("Hooverball"), the three located a traditional medicine ball. They quickly learned that the traditional weighted ball could not withstand their creative application. Medicine balls exploded as they struck the walls and floors with great impact. Sand and stuffing went flying.The balls became lopsided and wobbled through the air as they were being thrown. Surely there was a weight ball that could stand up to modern day challenges. After trying many of the balls that were on the market at that time, the answer was an emphatic "NO"!

An idea was born. Make a weight training ball that would be durable, easy to grip and one that would bounce, float, vary in size and weight and not have to be inflated with air. The concept sounded great! But how would the weighted core be eliminated? What could be done about the old stitched leather/vinyl cover? How could you make it bounce or float in water?

Several years were devoted to research and development to achieve  Ooofball in its present form; solid ball that bounces and floats! Enthusiatic support from Al Vermeil, Strength and Conditioning Consultant for the Chicago Bulls, professional athletes, trainers and coaches as well as their counterparts on the collegiate and high school levels helped to promote Ooofball as THE, Heavy ball, medicine ball, slam ball weight ball to use!

Today the Ooofball is used and enjoyed by people of all ages and levels, from children to seniors. Ooofball is helping them achieve fitness in a way that is fun; it has applications for virtually any and every sport, form of fitness and mindfulness. Your partner in life long fitness, functional strength, skill development and wellness. "Family Fun Fitness!"


Ooofball is used by the U.S. Army Physical Fitness School as part of their fitness training for the new millennium. World champion athletes and sports teams use Ooofball as a key component in their workout programs.

Ooofball is now a major part of aerobic workouts and cross-training programs. Sports medicine specialists are using Ooofball for both injury prevention and as muscle-specific rehabilitation programs.

Ooofball games are played in backyards, gyms, walled courts and on the beach. New ideas and applications continue to develop.

About the name

Picture an old medicine ball thrown at great speed to an ill-prepared catcher. As the ball strikes the receiver in the abdomen, a very distinct sound is involuntarily emitted...OOOF!!!

On June 5, 1990, the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded OOOF® Registration Number 1,599,721.