• games_ooofhandball.jpgUse either a 2.25 or 5 lb. Ooofball.
  • Played on a wall Handball Court.
  • Ball must bounce once, it can be caught in the air, but cannot bounce twice or dropped.
  • Ooofball must hit the front wall before hitting the ground.
  • Serving: serve from the serve box or behind serve line. Ball must hit wall and pass the serve. If ball goes out or does not pass serve line; service is lost and awarded to the other player /team.
  • Opposing team must receive service - starting behind the serve box, once service is good player can move any where on court.
  • After catching the ball, the player's feet cannot advance toward the wall when throwing the ball (i.e. cannot run with the ball).
  • No holding Ooofball you must catch and release (no catch and aim). Holding results in loss of service.

Normal rules of handball apply; score on serve only, no intentional hindering, win by one point, game to 11, 15 or 21. When serving, the ball is thrown against the wall; is must bounce on that side of the court or the server loses the serve.