games_oooftennis_02.jpgOOOF Tennis has been a long time favorite and perhaps one of the best kept secrets of the Ooofball Staff!

When playing the game, you incorporate all of your major muscle groups (abs, thighs and butt) simultaneously which burns calories and boosts your metablism. The rapid pace and quick turns will improve your speed and agility for all sports.

This can be very intensive exercise. Check with a physician before playing OOOF Tennis or any high intensity activity. A heart rate monitor is also reccomended for first time players. By simutaneously using your major muscle group in an aerobic environment, high heart rate can be quickly acheived. Play at your own pace. Have Fun!

The Rules!

  • Played on a Tennis Court. Throw and catch ball. DO NOT HIT THE BALL WITH YOUR RACQUET!
  • Serve: One serve from behind baseline or from service line to opposite service box. Point scored if you miss box.
  • Receive: Ball must bounce before being touched by receiver on the serve. Once ball bounces, receiver throws anywhere within the boundaries of the court.
  • Play: After the serve, you can catch the ball in the air or after one bounce. If your ball bounces twice, player drops ball, or ball hits the net, it is your opponents point.
  • Movement: The receiver cannot advance toward the net! OOOFer must plant back foot upon catching the ball and use back foot as the pivot. OOOFer cannot pivot on front foot and take what would be two steps toward net when making the throw. This rule STRICTLY enforced inside service box.
  • Timing: Player has 2 seconds to throw ball.
  • Scoring: No-ad tennis scoring: first person to 4 points wins the game. Receiver selects where to receive at 3-all.

games_oooftennis_01.jpgWinner: The winner is the first person (or team) to reach 6 games, or whoever is still standing. If you are adventuresome, play a best-of-three set match. If the set goes to 6 games, all play a 9 point tie breaker, first person to win 5 points wins the set. Serve alternates after each point in the tie breaker.