games_ooofvolley-beach.jpgWe have designed specific games which provide an aerobic and anaerobic workout in addition to strengthening the major muscle groups of the body. The games will also improve reaction time, quickness, hand-eye coordination and concentration during competition.

The open court version is played on a volleyball court, either indoor on a gym or field house or floor or outside on grass, sand, artificial turf or macadam. The game is played by two teams with any number of players to a side. After the ball has been served, the object of the game is to catch and throw the ball with two hands back to the other side using any variation of throws and catches except for spikes.

The walled court version is played on a racquet or wallyball court. Played with the 2.25 lb. Ooofball, this game is based on playing the ball off of the walls. It can be fast and furious, providing a great aerobic workout and is loads of fun.